BREAKING NEWS: Cop Goes Crazy After Being Told He Needs A Warrant

Today I saw this video and couldn’t stop laughing! This cop wanted to violate this mans inalienable rights so bad, and when the man said the right thing (which forces the public servant to either abide by, or break the law) the cop through a tantrum like a 4 year old! See it for yourself…


It’s like someone told him he can’t have another cookie.

The psychological instability of this “officer” is scary, but I feel that it is extremely good news that he knew all he could do was get in the car and drive away. I personally believe he should loose his job for this immature outburst.

I also believe all “law enforcement” should be put through severe psychological tests and evaluations to ensure the safety of the People of America.

However, I would love to hear what all of you think about this. Leave a comment below and we’ll talk about it.


Jumpin Jack Ca$h
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Be Gone With The Boogeyman!

Recently in my life, the subject of abandoning all fear has been popping up a lot. This is something that anyone who intends to truly live must do, or accept the fate of hiding away forever constantly waiting for the “boogeyman” to jump out from around every corner while they whither away and die.

Fear is the opposite of Faith and Love. Fear is the emotion that replaces Faith; replaces God in the hearts of men. A man’s Sovereignty is only granted to him from the Supreme Most High Sovereign, God, therefore the moment fear enters the heart of any man he has at that moment lost his Sovereignty and can only regain it through prayer.

Fear can be and is being seeded from all directions especially within the public sector of the UNITED STATES. Why? Because if you’re afraid you are controlled.

If you really want to live a Sovereign lifestyle the chains of fear must be broken off of you for good and there are a few things you can do in your everyday life that will help this process along.

1. Turn the T.V. off.

Most of the media today is entirely based around keeping the general population in fear. Especially those criminal justice shows that seed the idea in everyone’s minds that crime is everywhere and it’s dangerous to walk out of their door because those “bad guys” might get ‘em. The only real bad guys are the people who want to keep you afraid and exploited.

2. “I don’t wanna hear that shit!”.

There are a lot of people out there that are constantly thinking about how the “government” is out to get them, or how terrible the world has become, or a combination thereof. All of this is counterproductive to a Sovereign and noble mindset and in reality helps no one. Try changing the subject or letting them know you don’t want to participate in a conversation that is fueled by fear. If they really can’t kick the habit, it’s time to find some new friends. “You have nothing in your hands, Any power you have comes to you from far beyond, Everything is fixed and you can’t change it” ~Christ in “Jesus Christ Superstar”

3. Walk The Walk.

Sometimes it’s time to stop talking and start living. If your belief is that all people should behave in a certain way or conduct themselves with a certain composure, be that example in all that you do. That is the duty of any king. Be the Sovereign example for your family, your friends, your children, your community, your kingdom, and that will cause others to be inspired and rapidly change. “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” ~Black Uhuru “Utterance”

When you really boil it all down, everything is under God’s jurisdiction and control, so there really isn’t anything do be afraid of. God loves you no matter what ethnicity, walk of life, or religion you fall under, so it’s time to give back.


With every single piece of knowledge and wisdom that you are given your responsibility to those around you increases exponentially. You must be their example until they themselves can walk the walk. If you yourself have yet to awaken to your own Sovereignty, there is not a better moment than now.

You are welcome to peruse my past blog articles for information on various subjects relating to freedom and Sovereignty, and if you really want to get serious about your Sovereignty I have put together a free report “What Is Sovereignty?” which you can download absolutely free by entering your info into the form on the upper right hand side of this page. This report is going to give you all the basics as well as clearing up some common misunderstandings regarding Sovereignty.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions, positive feedback, or even if you absolutely disagree with every single word I have said. I want to hear it all.

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Jumpin Jack Ca$h
©Jumpin Jack Ca$h™
Cartoonist/Graphics Designer/Journalist

BREAKING NEWS: Sovereign Man Tells Judge How It Is And Walks Away Free

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, a man worth recognizing, age 52, was arrested Monday for “fishing without a license” and “resisting arrest”. On Tuesday he payed a special visit to the Three Forks Justice Court, and this is what happened…

Bravo! I couldn’t find a way for that courtroom appearance to be more picture perfect if I tried. This man’s behavior should be looked at as an example for ALL Sovereigns!

Not once did he fall under the spell of the judges use of legalese and attempts to defraud him into admitting corporate status. At every opportunity (or lack thereof) he continued to declare his status as a living man, who is under the jurisdiction of Universal Natural Law, protected by the constitution and correct the judges statements of facts pertaining to corporate fictions, under the jurisdiction of the GOLD FRINGE FLAG.

This man is truly an inspiration. My favorite part was when he told the “judge” that she may not “judge” him for she is not God. He stood up for his rights as a living man using accurate knowledge of the law and look what he got for it…

HIS FREEDOM! He walked right out of that courtroom, after the judge left the bench out of cowardice, and went on with his life. The knowledge that this man used to protect himself from corporate exploitation is knowledge that every man woman and child on this Land of North America should be well aware of.

Guess what. The same knowledge that man used to protect his freedom is available to you too. It’s actually right at your finger tips and all you have to do is take advantage of it. Its called The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook and its been around for quite some time now.

If you haven’t read it and you want freedom that’s solid as a rock, now is your time. This video is a wake up call for all Americans to step up and make this country right.

As well as the book, you can also get a welcome pack including the book along with over 600 megabits of reference information and paperwork and a bonus book with over 75 different Sovereign notices badges and I.D. Cards by becoming a member of the Sovereign Family Network.

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©Jumpin Jack Ca$h™
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HOW TO: Spot An Undercover

Relaxing with some friends at a local Frisbee golf park on a Sunday afternoon is not a typical time for me to have cop watching on the brain. But being a journalist for Sovereignty Press™, I’ve gotten used to being alert at all times. A habit that all serious Sovereigns should develop.

But lets get straight into the footage and we’ll have a breakdown afterwards:


By happenstance myself and another of our party were positioned on the highest spot in the park (giving me a perfect vantage point). Before i began filming i noticed a parked squad car across the street on the other end of the park.

Something i was not able to get on film was the undercover harassing an elderly homeless man, which is what caused me to start filming. Come to find out later the undercover was asking around for drugs.

Here is a list of suspicious factors and behavior that were a dead give away for me:

  • Following and harassing the homeless man.
  • Backpedaling and surveying the area often.
  • Walking randomly around with no specific destination.
  • Stopping to look at passers by.
  • Squad car across the street.
  • Asking around for drugs.
  • Generally being completely out of place and not behaving as a normal park goer.

That beings said, always keep an eye out for professional exploitationists in your environment. Paranoia is not to your advantage but it is good to practice staying alert and aware of your surroundings at all times to protect your self and your family from public predators.

A couple other articles that will be helpful to you regarding this topic are TIP #4: Hit The Record Button and The Importance of Presenting Credentials. Both are packed with really valuable information I have put together for you so be sure to check them out.

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Jumpin Jack Ca$h
©Jumpin Jack Ca$h™
Cartoonist/Graphics Designer/Journalist

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In this article, I want to talk about a very influential little piece of paper. Something called the Point of Contact Card. We also refer to this occasionally as the Point of Contract Card, due to the nature of how it is used, and in some situations it can be the determining factor that keeps your freedom intact.

Before I explain any further, I’d like you to see a live demonstration of this document being used in the field…

Notice the distinct change in the disposition of the trooper after he was presented with the Point of Contact credentials of this sovereign copwatch journalist.

The exact version of the Point of Contact Card used in the video:


This card has since been updated and re-engineered to be even more effective in the field. However, the principle is still the same. The sovereign copwatch journalist made it a point to present these credentials before answering any more questions, which then bound the officer to to the fee for the service if he did decide to ask any more questions. It also cooled him down quite a bit knowing that all of his actions were being documented and could be released on the internet that night.

Exact functions this card performs:

  • Turn the Tables – Present your own contract offer to the public servant before you enter into their contract unknowingly. Ex: answering any questions, presenting “ID”, etc. (IF they keep the card or continue to ask questions they have accepted the contract.)
  • Give Notice – Letting the public servant know that you are with the press and his or her actions are being documented and may or may not be made public.
  • Spell It Out – Acts as a sort of corporate agent repellant by spelling out two clear options; conduct themselves with integrity and leave you on your merry way, or enter into the commercial contract and pay up.

The latest version of the Point of Contact card also includes fees for unique finger impressions, police mis-conduct investigations, corporate agent quality control, etc. and a number of these cards are provided as a welcome gift for Silver Level SFN Contributors and up.

In the end, this little piece of paper helped our friends stay safe, stay free, and and get home without hassle. But remember, there is no such thing as a “magic piece of paper” that makes cops and judges go away! It was used with discretion and knowledge of the law by a trained sovereign copwatch journalist.

So before you think about doing anything, get educated!

Want to know more about protecting your rights at the point of contact? Take a look at my TEN TIPS On How To Protect Yourself From Public Exploitation.

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TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook


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