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BREAKING NEWS: Sovereign Man Tells Judge How It Is And Walks Away Free

Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, a man worth recognizing, age 52, was arrested Monday for “fishing without a license” and “resisting arrest”. On Tuesday he payed a special visit to the Three Forks Justice Court, and this is what happened…

Bravo! I couldn’t find a way for that courtroom appearance to be more picture perfect if I tried. This man’s behavior should be looked at as an example for ALL Sovereigns!

Not once did he fall under the spell of the judges use of legalese and attempts to defraud him into admitting corporate status. At every opportunity (or lack thereof) he continued to declare his status as a living man, who is under the jurisdiction of Universal Natural Law, protected by the constitution and correct the judges statements of facts pertaining to corporate fictions, under the jurisdiction of the GOLD FRINGE FLAG.

This man is truly an inspiration. My favorite part was when he told the “judge” that she may not “judge” him for she is not God. He stood up for his rights as a living man using accurate knowledge of the law and look what he got for it…

HIS FREEDOM! He walked right out of that courtroom, after the judge left the bench out of cowardice, and went on with his life. The knowledge that this man used to protect himself from corporate exploitation is knowledge that every man woman and child on this Land of North America should be well aware of.

Guess what. The same knowledge that man used to protect his freedom is available to you too. It’s actually right at your finger tips and all you have to do is take advantage of it. Its called The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook and its been around for quite some time now.

If you haven’t read it and you want freedom that’s solid as a rock, now is your time. This video is a wake up call for all Americans to step up and make this country right.

As well as the book, you can also get a welcome pack including the book along with over 600 megabits of reference information and paperwork and a bonus book with over 75 different Sovereign notices badges and I.D. Cards by becoming a member of the Sovereign Family Network.

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