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HOW TO: Spot An Undercover

Relaxing with some friends at a local Frisbee golf park on a Sunday afternoon is not a typical time for me to have cop watching on the brain. But being a journalist for Sovereignty Press™, I’ve gotten used to being alert at all times. A habit that all serious Sovereigns should develop.

But lets get straight into the footage and we’ll have a breakdown afterwards:


By happenstance myself and another of our party were positioned on the highest spot in the park (giving me a perfect vantage point). Before i began filming i noticed a parked squad car across the street on the other end of the park.

Something i was not able to get on film was the undercover harassing an elderly homeless man, which is what caused me to start filming. Come to find out later the undercover was asking around for drugs.

Here is a list of suspicious factors and behavior that were a dead give away for me:

  • Following and harassing the homeless man.
  • Backpedaling and surveying the area often.
  • Walking randomly around with no specific destination.
  • Stopping to look at passers by.
  • Squad car across the street.
  • Asking around for drugs.
  • Generally being completely out of place and not behaving as a normal park goer.

That beings said, always keep an eye out for professional exploitationists in your environment. Paranoia is not to your advantage but it is good to practice staying alert and aware of your surroundings at all times to protect your self and your family from public predators.

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